Edna & Harvey: The Breakout

Adventure 2008 Windows Daedalic Entertainment Humorous Cartoon Point and click Puzzle Indie

Delightfully mad adventure

Edna and Harvey have starred in a couple of clever and witty adventures, including this one and Harvey's New Eyes. They both follow in the footsteps of point and click adventures like Monkey Island and Discworld, and if you like your games irreverent and which don't take themselves too seriously, this one is for you. The story is unusual but captivating and finds the character of Edna with a particular problem. She wakes up everyday in an asylum but without knowing why she is there. She just wants to get out and with the help of her stuffed rabbit friend, Harvey, she aims to find the asylum's director and discover just why she is there. The game plays out in traditional point and click fashion, where you use a set of commands (four here), to send Edna around the asylum in search of inventory-based puzzles to solve and characters to interact with. Harvey also plays a big role in the game, acting as both a humorous observer and an aid to regaining Edna's memory. You also get to control him and for example can send him out in excursions into Edna's memory where she cannot interact with things. This really is a wonderful game that is uniquely original and completely barking mad, as befits a game set in a lunatic asylum. The writing is wonderfully witty and bonkers, with sharp dialogue and memorable characters, while the puzzles are of a similarly high standard and which will keep you hooked to the end. The addition of some interesting gameplay mechanics helps boost the appeal and overall, this is wonderful stuff.

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