Snoopy Troops 2

Adventure 1982 Dos Tom Snyder Productions Humorous Cartoon

Entertaining mystery adventure

Don't get any ideas about seeing the loveable cartoon dog in this little game as the title is actually Snooper Troops and is a follow-up to the original Snooper Troops mystery adventure involving the Case of the Granite Ghost. In case you're not aware of this first game, it's a sort of edutainment title where players take on the role on curious investigators out to solve a baffling case and this second game follows very much in its footsteps in terms of gameplay. Although not much has changed, it remains an entertaining slice of educational fun which is worth seeking out. This time around, the case revolves around the sudden and confusing theft of Lily, a dolphin who resides in the town's aquarium and as one of the legendary Snooper Troopers, it's your responsibility to track her down and bring the culprit to justice. This involves travelling around town, questioning witnesses, looking for clues and other such investigatory activities. There's even a neat set of gadgets to help you, such as a camera and a computer to keep track of all the info you uncover. As far as edutainment titles go, this is pretty decent stuff, not quite up the standards of Headline Harry and Carmen Sandiego, but pretty close. The visuals are obviously somewhat dated, given the game's age, but remain charming enough in that old-school way, while the case itself is highly engaging and contains enough twists and turns to keep even hardened ten year old detectives challenged for an entertaining few hours. Check it out!

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