Egypt 3 - The Fate Of Ramses

Strategy 2004 Windows Anuman Interactive Historical Adventure

Rise of the sun god

This is the third in the fairly popular series of Egyptian-based adventures that play out a bit like the Myst series. This one is a tad on the short side but while it lasts, it offers a fascinating insight into a long lost world. You play Maya, a priestess and magician who must help the God-King Ramses II complete construction of an obelisk in honor of the Sun God, Amon-Re, in order to extend the king's lifespan. However, the building is beset by problems, including the overseer being struck down by a mysterious illness, so it falls to you to step in and save the day. As Maya, you'll explore both the real world and that of the gods in your search for answers. Making use of mystical potions, you'll leave your body behind and travel to exotic locations while talking with the gods themselves. The gameplay is a familiar point-and-click adventure, with numerous puzzles to solve and characters to interact with and with the ability to cast magical spells with the help of an ancient tome. The Fate of Ramses is a pretty decent slice of adventuring that is only slightly hampered by its short running time. It certainly looks the part, with some splendid visuals that really bring the majesty of ancient Egypt to life and which suck you into the game world. The puzzles too are generally interesting and fun to solve, being logical and lacking in the frsutration that sometimes comes with these games. There are however only six locations to explore and fifteen characters to meet so the game probably won't last most players very long. However, while you are playing, this is good stuff.

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