Floppy Frenzy

Action 1982 Dos Dosbox Windmill Software Platformer Puzzle based

Guide the floppy through the maze!

Why this game uses a floppy disk as its character is not really clear, however, gameplay wise this too is a maze crawler, and a pretty decent one; you have to locate the exit of each level, and you see only a small part of the maze. Thus, you re never quite sure where your rightful bifurcation is at. Thus, you can end up spending a huge amount of time in each level, but thankfully, you can sort of cheat, and get a visual hint of where you need to head next. So, the game is pretty cool from this point of view. It will take you places, for sure, and it surely will be a relaxing experience if you're in the right state of mind. But overall, it kind of gets old soon enough. Graphically, quality wise it will remind you of Digger, and for good reason; both the games were produced by the same company. So, have it in your collection of cool puzzler/action games; it won't disappoint. And have Digger in your collection just in case, so you can get into maze crawling gaming, but have an extra goal other than just exiting the level.

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