Soldier of Fortune II: Double Helix

Action 2002 Windows 1C Company Shooter War Military FPS

Incredible details and a great action

Soldier of Fortune II: Double Helix is a first-person shooter, a sequel to Soldier of Fortune, being released in 2002 by Activision, a company with a high reputation due to its outstanding activity and its innovative vision. This game is similar to its prequel, but as you proceed playing it you will find out it is even better. You play again as John Mullins, a gun specialist and a military consultant. This time terrorism is also a subject of inspiration and a theme for the producers. Soldier of Fortune II is full of violence and gore, and some scenes are cut off due to this fact. For example, at a certain moment, when a character commits suicide, the act is not shown. Both the single payer and the multiplayer are great and fun to play. In fact everything in this game is awesome, getting you into the hot action: the environments, the effects, the realism, the sounds. Beside killing enemies, the missions consist in collecting useful information and protecting or saving hostages. You also have to take into consideration various strategies, adopting ways of camouflage and combat tactics. If you expect incredible details and a smooth and great action, Soldier of Fortune II: Double Helix is the game for you!

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