Elves in Paradise: Elf Bowling 2

Sport 2000 Windows NStorm Unconventional

Let's roll some elves!

There's actually a ridiculous number of games in the Elf Bowling series, most of which provide some pretty outrageous entertainment. However, despite the name only the original and Super Elf Bowling actually involve the sport directly and the others offer up a variety of gameplay styles. This second installment is a pretty fun little experience and once again finds you in control of little Kris Kringle, the elf hero of the first game. After the elves experienced a few rough times, Kris decided to go on a cruise along with his brother as a way to chill out. This background material is pretty superfluous but adds some interest to the main game, which this time around focuses on a sort of variation of shuffleboard rather than bowling. In single-player mode, you're playing against your brother and are attempting to score as many points as possible by hurling yourself down the deck of the ship and landing within the various markers. It all requires timing to get the direction and strength just right and if you mess it up, you might just end up getting eaten by a shark. Elves in Paradise is certainly not a serious game nor one with a lot of depth, but for an enjoyable time waster, you can't go wrong. The game's main appeal is its humor, which is present in abundance, with loads of visual jokes and audio cues, but if the central concept doesn't sound funny on paper, then it's unlikely to prove so in reality. The controls are simple to pick up but getting your elf on target takes some skill, so if you're looking for a cool game to kill some time, this is a good bet.

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