Strategy 1998 Windows WizardWorks Organized forces Role Playing

Come quick! We have an emergency!

Have you ever witnessed and accident or see it on TV and saw all those medics, police and firemen and thought to yourself that you can do a better job in organization like them? Or have you ever wondered what would do if such a thing, God forbid, occurred? Well, either way, in this game, you get to do just that. In Fighters for life, which is only the first installment in a series of six games, you are the boss of bosses. As in other emergency games like Search and Rescue you dispatch and control the police, the ambulances and the firemen department, and you control the vehicles they drive such as ambulance cars, rescue helicopters, boats and much more. You are faced with a variety o potential disasters, from car and plane crashed to nuclear emergencies and all kinds of other tragic situations. Interesting as it all may sound, the game has a few flaws. Firstly, if you have a fatality in the mission, you automatically lose. And if you lose, you have to do the mission over and over until you win. You can't go to the next challenge. Secondly, the view to the environment you are working on is so small that you can barely see what the heck you are doing. Last, it doesn't have a minimap to help players manage in the surroundings or to monitor the team on site, which will make the game very difficult.

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