Emperor: Battle for Dune

Strategy 2001 Windows Electronic Arts Galactic War Real time

A more interesting experience, due to its implemented novelties

Emperor: Battle for Dune is a real-time strategy game released in 2001 by Electronic Arts. It is usually said that Command&Conquer is the first and also the most important RTS game, but I have to contradict this fact. For those that aren't familiar with this kind of games, Dune II was the first real-time strategy, the one that established the genre and influenced the future of Command&Conquer. Westwood, the developer of the Dune universe, also produced Emperor: Battle for Dune, that constituted a pleasant surprise for the fans of RTS games. And now let's talk about the gameplay and about the players. The factions remained the same as in the first Dune, each with their special skills and advantages. Those that played the previous versions are already familiar the story and the three Houses (also the same as those in the previous games: House Atreides, House Harkonnen and House Ordos). These Houses embark in solving a unique challenge: a war of assassins on the planet Arrakis. In both single-player and multiplayer modes, you must lead your forces in planetary strategies and clever ground-level tactics. The campaign mode is similar to the one from the original Dune. After you choose on what side you will play, you will be presented a map that is divided in territories. At first, you will conquer for one area, and as you progress, more territories will be unlocked. The developers did a very good job, with their high sense for details. I am sure I have raised your attention with this review, so play this game in order to discover more surprises and challenging missions!

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