Star Trek: Armada

Strategy 2000 Windows Activision Galactic War Real time Science Fiction

One of the Better Star Trek Games

I never thought that Star Trek would be a good idea outside of adventure games, but this one managed to capture my curiosity. It's a Star Trek RTS. Keep that in mind, it's a Star Trek RTS, not an RTS with a Star Trek skin. The specific details that make the Star Trek universe unique are kept in mind as the spaceships fight, like cloaking, shields, transporters, nebulae, crew, systems, and the diplomatic considerations. Most ships have shields that recharge, when shields are down, troops can beam aboard the other and take it over, or you can choose to just destroy it. The Federation, Klingon, Romulan, and Borg forces are at your disposal in multiplayer. It fleshes out the universe for people who would like to know more. Each race follows the themes that have been established for them. The Federation is very adaptable and balanced. The Klingons are incredibly powerful in direct confrontations. The Romulans are covert, stealthy, and excel in sabotage. The Borg are overwhelmingly powerful, but have few ships. It makes for a great LAN game for sci-fi fans and warrants a look.

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