HomeWorld 2

Strategy 2003 Windows 1C Company Galactic War Real time Science Fiction

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Take back your planet

The original Homeworld is a fine bit of science fiction strategy entertainment that should be played by fans of Dune 2 and Master of Orion. This sequel doesn't add a huge amount that's new and different but it too remains an enjoyable experience that is well worth a closer inspection. This one does sort of continue on from where the first one left off but if you haven't played it, it's not a big concern and you'll easily be able to pick things up. After having returned home in the earlier installment with one of three terribly important hyperspace cores, you now find yourself facing off against a vicious alien race who just want to conquer your planet and enslave everyone on it. The game itself is fairly similar to the previous one, and this is basically one big epic strategy title where you're in control of a huge fleet of ships and must complete a series of missions, which mostly involve deeply strategic combat. HomeWorld 2 can probably be considered more of an evolution than a revolution, as on the surface at least, it is very similar to its predecessor. The most notable improvements are in the visuals, which are truly spectacular, with lots of impressive special effects and some great design work and cutscenes. The gameplay is essentially the stuff that fans enjoy and in this respect, it certainly delivers the goods as what's on offer is deep, challenging and fun. The interface is solid enough, being slick and intuitive, while the sound is as good as the graphics, and the story highly compelling. As long as you don't go in expecting anything new, you'll have a good time here.

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