Arcade 1996 Windows Zensoft Arkanoid style

Well produced clone of Arkanoid

Zong is a well produced (a little too serious, if you ask me!) clone of Arkanoid. You will get the drill in a second, as all you have to do is destroy all the bricks while trying to lose as few balls as possible. And, the truth is that you will have a lot of fun with it. But, what bugged me why the game has such office clothes, if you will! Because, while the gameplay is alright, the menus look like they've been stolen from some intricate kind of office toolset/software program. But, well, I guess that's not enough of an annoyance not to give it a try. Sure enough, keeping in style with the general look of the menus of the game, there is also not a lot of imagination in there, you know, the game just works great but you won't find a lot of situations that make you say, oh, wow, this is interesting! Nope, most of the tile arrangements look like they could belong in any vanilla Arkanoid game, unfortunately. So, I dunno, I guess if you ran out of Arkanoid clones you might want to look into this one as well, but don't expect a lot out of it. It's a very tame clone. See Cyber Sphere for instance for a more wild Arkanoid game.

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