Arcade 1995 Dos Jason Truong Arkanoid style

Diverse but well balanced brick breaker, one of the best ever!

Creating a smart, interesting clone of Breakout is hard. Creating just another Breakout clone, I would assume is the easiest thing to do! I mean, the elements themselves are super simple: a bouncing ball, a paddle that moves left to right and bricks that break when touched. Heck, with the minimum of effort you can add a few powerups, a few new types of briks and yeah, you've got yourself a game. Use an algorithm that creates new levels and you've got yourself a game. But authoring an extraordinary game takes a lot of polish, even when the core game is so simple. Turoid, I would argue, found that precise sweet spot, where it is not too far away from the ideas of original Breakout, but it also crams in a well produced, well polished envelope of additional elements for the game; and this is where it shines: it didn't just slap new elements at random, nope, they're used smartly, to create great and challenging, very specific gameplay, that asks of you to do precise things, and, at the same time, not put too much pressure on you. Nope, it's neither accidental, the designers really did a great job thoroughly. So definitely, if you love Breakout, this one game is truly a masterpiece amongst them.

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