Arcade 1995 Dos Dosbox Kevin Peck Arkanoid style

A bigger Breakout world!

Yabog is a Breakout clone whose original idea is that of putting more tiles in front of you to destroy as well as coming up with tile set ideas that make it easier to finish each stage, as long as you have good control of the paddle. For instance, there are levels where, if you can skillfully shoot the ball at a red tile, it will blow up and consume a lot of the adjacent tiles. On the other hand, the fact that the screen, horizontally, is much larger than a regular Breakout game, make it harder to finish each stage, as long as the design doesn't have no shortcut. And, unfortunately, many more of these simple designs of stages are present, than the ones that present you with a skill based shooting challenge. Thus, for the most part, Yabog is a regular game, one where finishing a level will most likely take a little more than you will be happy with. This in turn has the effect of boring you. So, to get the most out of this game, only play it occasionally, as it seems bent on occasional play more than on stringed levels, played one after another. Otehrwise, graphically, it's nothing special – the tiles are bidimensional and look alright, the paddle is responsive and the projectiles also behave classically; hit them right, they go left, and vice-versa. Alternatively, download Crystal Hammer, a far better version of the game, with larger tiles, and a more compact build.

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