Pro Lesring

Adult 1997 Windows Otaku Hentai Anime

Hentai picture quality vs bad gameplay

This game is just fine. It was produced by Otaku at the begginning of nineties. You won't play this but just to see some good nudity pictures from japanese manga. The story is very straigthforward, and it's about a girl who was given as part of a loan to an evil man. This girl grew up and has to pay this loan in a very nasty sport, a women-only wrestling, called Lesring (Lesbian Wrestling). Yes, that's also the title of the game and has a very easy gameplay: the loser is the girl that will come first in this sexual duel. The kind of image you'll see is quite hard, bondage and edge erotic stuff will happen. Actually the interaction is reduced to zero, so, another game with the excuse to see some anime scene (definetely try Season of Sakura game or Runaway city game for some better interactivity). There are just 3 different finals, but the replayability will be limited by the fact that you won't follow up after playing once.

Quite silly game

Pro Lesring is a sort of hentai game. It's not so nice as other of the genre, indeed. I mean, Runaway City or the Paradise Height saga. It's the story of a orphan that ends up fighting in a women wrestling competition. That's will be the opportunity to see some manga pics, but, the gameplay overall is bad...

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