Immoral Study Lesson 1

Adult 1996 Windows Himeya Soft Hentai Anime

Tutor the shy Reiko Shirakawa

You're Hitosuji, and your mission is to teach bad students how to turn into brilliant ones. How? well, you will have some special way to do so, in particular with young cute girls. In this episode (the first one of three) you will meet Reiko Shirakawa a very young and cute student. You will be introduced into her room by a very ugly (and evil) maid. She will be the only interruption between your seduction strategy in some case, but nothing difficult to manage. Little by little you will make Reiko to be opened to your final intention and after less than one hour of gameplay you will be able to see here completely naked. Yes, the game doesn't last more that one hour and the interaction is really reduced. The game is average due to the fact this Reiko is really cute and the graphics is not so bad. Himeya Soft produced in the years later also the second and third version of Immoral study lesson, so if you liked this you can also give a try.

Easy hentai game

Immoral Study Lessons is the first of a series of 3 hentai games. You're a teacher hired to make a young lady study. But since she's so pretty you will be more interested in something else. Pretty nice pictures, there is a bit a lack of situations since the game is based only in this episode, but it's a worth to download and play.

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