Maid Story

Adult 1997 Windows C's Ware Hentai Anime Puzzle based

Romance simulation game

The Maid's Story is a simulation game where you're in charge to train three maids in order to become perfect maids. The game contains some erotic (hentai) graphics so it more suitable for adults to play. This game was developed and released by C's Ware and was translated into English by Himeya Soft.Your task in this game is to train three beautiful maids in cooking, shopping, cleaning, and washing clothes. You have to pay attention to the maid's characteristics because each maid has different personalities and skills. One might cook better than others and one might just argue when you told her to do some works. That's what you have to do on day section. At night, you have to train these maids in some exotic ways. But you have to be careful. If you give them too much works, they will probably hate you or become sick. If they become sick, their productivity will reduce as well. Pay attention to the money, too. You have to manage the money you got carefully. If you run out of money, you will not be able to buy food or gifts for the maids.The graphics use anime style characters. The musics are nice and varied depend on the situation.Overall, The Maid's Story is a fun and challenging game. If you're a person who like to play romance simulation game with some erotic (hentai) touch, then you should try this game.

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