Metal And Lace: The Battle of the Robo Babes

Adult 1993 Dos Dosbox MegaTech Software Anime Role playing

Win fights against pretty babes to see them naked

The Battle of Robo Babes is an adult game that has a pretty cool and kinky idea that doesn't play out well in the end. The concept of the game is this - you get yourself a mech suit and go into a fighting game with the women. Why do you fight women? Well, because if you win, they'll have to show you some skin. If you win enough times, they will show all, and you'll have yourself a nice vision of a naked lady. As I said, while the idea is nice, the game itself fails tremendously. The controls are very bad, the characters barely move at all and the special attacks are not all that special. If the game was founded on the "effort and reward" system, there is not much of an effort to be made to win the game. So basically, it's enough to press a few buttons on your controller or keyboard and you win. The graphics are pretty cool, though. Based on the hentai anime art, the girls are rich, will huge breast and very nice body curves. If that's the reason you want to play the game, you will be richly rewarded. The value of the game depends on one's motive to play it. If you're getting it for the cool anime chicks, be my guest. If you're more glued to the gameplay, you'll be disappointed. Your call.

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