Tristan Pinball

Simulation 1991 Dos Dosbox Amtex Pinball

Poor but it deserves your chance

Tristan Pinball is a 1991 arcade game for those that like pinball games. But unfortunately, it was too decent for my tastes. I personally prefer to play Pinball games that have well-designed graphics, pleasant, exciting sounds that increase my interest and entertaining level. I also expected more options. So, I have to say this game is poor compared to the better Pinball games. I didn't have the pretention to be too modern or sophisticated, just that my actions and the setting were limited, that's all. But, let's describe the gameplay, shall we? As in all pinball games, you control the two flippers. You will use the left and right shift buttons. The ball shooting is performed by holding down the enter button for a few seconds. Before you enter the game, you can choose a menu by one of the four arrow buttons. There are up to four players you can choose from. Even that I said this game is too poor (maybe to suit your tastes), it does a nice work comforting you when you want to take a quick pause from your daily routine. The game's engine is well rendered, increasing the realism of a pinball machine. Another inconvenient aspect stays in the presence of only one table to play through which makes it a bit dull. But this will make you get used to the table more quickly. What can I say, it deserves your chance.

Great pinball simulation

Tristan Pinball is an old pinball game (like Slam Tilt pinball game) that is not so good in graphics and animation, but is great when it comes to gameplay and game duration. It is labeled as a pinball simulation with good reason, since this game is a really good representation what a standard table pinball game should look like. Unfortunately, you only have one table to play on, so you can't experiment with the game s much once you get the hang of it. You even have the characteristics and quirks available that are typical for table pinball, such as table nudging and manipulation with the flippers. The game is old timey and the graphics less than good with a little slower animation although with great colors that very tastefully arranged and very nice layout. While some people will think of that as a downside, hardcore fans will like this game all the more because it will give them a sense of playing on a real pinball table. The sound effects are very good and there is a neat tune that plays before the game starts. Overall, a very good pinball game for old school lovers.

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