Willi's Pinball

Simulation 1992 Dos Dosbox Pinball

What happened to physics?

There's really not much to recommend about this obscure little pinball title unless you are the world's biggest fan of the genre and simply must experience everything pinball-related that you can found. It's only really worth a look for completionists and those who love obscurities, for the story behind the game is that is was developed as a promotional tool for a German software store back in the nineties. If you're even vaguely acquainted with pinball, whether from titles such as Pinball Dreams or Pinball Fantasies, or even from real life tables, you'll know exactly what to expect here. There is only one table on offer here, which is the first of the game's issues really, as it doesn't exactly take long to experience all that it has to offer. The table itself isn't exactly super thrilling either, being very much a standard and unimaginative one, with nothing more than the usual bumpers, flippers and supposedly exciting flashing lights to liven things up. There's little to the game beyond vaguely flipping buttons in the vain hope of racking up a few points and unless you are a diehard high score chaser, you're soon going to get bored here. Things aren't helped by the extremely wonky physics, with your ball behaving in a somewhat disturbing fashion with alarming frequency. This renders things more than a little frustrating as you often end up losing a ball through no real fault of your own. The vaguely attractive graphics are not enough to help Willi's Pinball so unless you really need to play every pinball game in existence, stay well clear.

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