Arcade 1984 Dos Dosbox Windmill Software Puzzle based Strategic scope

Spider crawler with a minimalist psychedelic graphic theme

I didn't expect Styx to pack as much diversity as it does, given that it's as old as it is, but well, I guess creativity is not impeded by technological development, after all. At any rate, with Styx your no.1 concern, as with all spider crawler arcaders, is to draw and engulf the screen with your cubes, parallelepipeds and non perpendicular lines (this game allows you to crawl diagonally as well) while evading the things who want to get you. These are not too many, and generally make up two categories: one is the worm, which crawls inside your lines, which can be escaped by never getting too close to it, and the level creatures, which here are line works, simple mechanoid 2D thingies and other psychedelic looking things. At any rate, you are in for a cool experience, great for solo or party sessions. Unfortunately you won't uncover no pictures after you're done with a screen, but you'll get meaner, faster and bigger enemies to combat against. A true classic of the genre and a good game in anyone's DOS spider crawl collection, to which I'd suggest you add Volfied as well.

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