Virtual Grand Prix 2

Racing 2003 Windows Virtual Programming Formula one Team management

If you like GP themed racing

Virtual GP2 is another racing car simulation game which has the same theme around F1 racing game but has a distinct feel to its gameplay. First feature about this game is that the graphics are alluring and are very good with reference to the time of its release. They are well detailed and smooth and are supported by some good animations which are seen in the racing action in this game. The racing cars are well modelled and they are very speedy and colorful. The dynamics or the car physics in terms of the control and the turns have been kept realistic as you will have to sacrifice a fair bit of speed when you meet the turns on the tracks. The game has an arcade mode and a tournament mode and both the modes are very competitive. You can also practice on the tracks before the actual race and will also need to do refueling while the race is on. The backgrounds of the tracks and the tack themselves look perfect and the overall setting of the race is quite appealing. The controls have been very well calibrated with the racing action and the user interface is also very good. King of the Road is another very good game for those who like real racing action.

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