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Manage the most important games - Formula 1

Have you ever wondered what happens behind the scenes of one of the most important races in the year, Formula 1? How it all gets organized, who gets to drive the cars and why, how the races are promoted and what items are sold to make a profit? Well, F1 manager puts you in the shoes of the person that is in charge of all of those things. You'll get involved in all the important stuff - selecting the tracks, decorating it, employing the technical and auto mechanical staff, select cars and who's gonna drive them, arrange the venue, promote it, find sponsors... Can you handle all of this pressure? It's sure to make you sweat! Playing this game gives you a great insight on how much effort needs to be put to make a single 2 hour race happen. And of course, this has got to be profitable. You gotta make some money so you can arrange the next races and so on. The game is highly praised for its graphics as well as sense of realism and huge detail. So, if you're into race management and like the "behind the curtain" perspective of the races better, this game is a great choice.

An excellent and detailed Formula 1 Manager

Just like the Grand Prix manager game, this game is not about racing the F1, but managing it. You have to take care of the smallest detail of the racing, from merchandise to employment of engineers and mechanics, to the financing of all of those tasks. The game is extremely detailed in the business of race management, so detailed in fact that you will feel yourself qualified to run a real one! There are hundreds of maps, charts and diagram that you will have to look at, and while this all might sound confusing and hard, the user friendly interface will ease your job significantly. You have to make sure your team is the very best, and try to make ways to make money while doing it. Racing fans will love the fact that even racing is included in the game :) All this is done in fantastic SVGA graphics and extreme graphic detail, along with a good soundtrack. So, if you want to see how it's like not only to drive the F1 but also to do all the sidework, this is the game for you. For those who want to just race the game, play the Ferrari Formula One.

A dated F1 Manager game

F1 Manager Pro, though dated, provides the most definitive F1 experience and it comes with its own editor so you can always keep it, if not looking current, at least up to speed with the latest drivers, teams, engines ... The game is detailed in the extreme, and whilst well worth a play to a real F1 enthusiast it would instantly drive away anyone not familiar with the concepts involved.

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