Grand Prix Legends

Racing 1998 Windows 1C Company Car simulation Formula one Team management

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Totally fun, playable and well polished

I remember seeing this game for the first time in one of those TV shows that had a small section dedicated to the world of gaming (it must have been more about computers and software, but more from a business side) and I remember feeling completely blown away about how realistic it was. Damn, I was sobbing the whole day, as back then I didn't really own a PC, and the 486es and 686es that I had at school would not play such a game no matter what. Thus, Grand Prix Legend stayed in the back of my mind as this unattainable thing, that only some people in faraway countries would have access to, and they would fail to appreciate and love it as I could. Hehe, it was quite the melodramatic kid, I know, but I sure loved this game from afar! At any rate, when I got to play it I already had quite a few modern racers down my belt, and well I guess eating the ice cream is never as satisfying as craving or thinking about it, so, while I found it an alright game, it sure didn't fulfill my old fantasy! Nevertheless, you'll love it if golden age of F1 is something you loved, as this game is a bit retro in its make. And if not, Grand Prix 2000 will play better for those seeking modern day F1 racing sensations.

Relive the legend of past GP

Two days ago, the Hungarian Grand Prix has been by Lewis Hamilton and wasn't quite a great race for Alonso, for whom I rooted for. Now it's common to have a Formula 1 game that features the actual season. But what about races that took place back in the '60s? Maybe mods are available today, but did we ever play an actual game? Well we did and it was call Grand Prix Legends. Developed by Papyrus Design, the game simulates the 1967 Formula One season and is considered by a lot of gamers to be one of the most realistic racing games ever released. Well the people were right indeed. Even though I'm more into arcade style racing games, I've had a lot fun with this game. However, don't expect this game to be easy at all. It's one of the hardest racing games I have ever played. Driving in this game is harder than driving in real life and most of the times I have felt that the car was on ice. But nevertheless, it is a simulation game and driving a F1 car is hard indeed. There's a nice variety of tracks and cars and visuals and sounds are great. All in all, for those of you who are looking for a challenge in a racing game, then Grand Prix Legend is for you!

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