Pole Position

Racing 1996 Dos Ascon Formula one Team management

Racer plus management game focused on Formula 1

This DOS game is a a mid 90s hybrid, combining racing from a top down 2D perspective with some managerial components. This second portion of the game however is not that intense, and you'd be hard pressed to actually name this game a proper F1 management sim, but, nevertheless, this portion affects the racing sequences sufficiently much to be worth noticing. So, you will be tuning up your racer before a competition, training your pilots, while also trying to come up with the best strategy for the circuit. This can be really interesting, because the options seem to make a difference, though not as much to prompt you to dedicate too much thought to this aspect of the game. For instance in a medium difficulty setting, the racing portion won't feel easier or harder no matter how much you tweak your strategy or your pilot, and the arcadey races will be simple to win. So, with that said, the eponymous Pole Position purebred front scrolling racer can be an option if you don't want the manager façade to bother you.

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