F1 World Grand Prix

Racing 1999 Windows Eidos Formula one Car simulation

Graphically realistic modern era F1 racer

F1 World Grand Prix is a great looking modern day F1 racer, also offering you races governed by a well put together physics engine that makes sure that you're in that simulation heavy mindset. However, don't expect the downsides of the simulation type game to take you out of the race. Nope, if you drive following the limitations of your car, (weather imposed, curves, even the wear of the tires) you are going to be alright. Plug a trusty controller with thumb sticks or a wheel combo in there and you'll have yourself a simulator that will be good for a long, long time. In terms of the races, as the name suggests, this game will take you all over the world, Japan, France, Italy, Monaco, etc. Yeah, it's a meaty game. Also, graphically it's more than enough even for pretentious racing players. Basically, if you are the kind of player that would reduce the bloom, HDR or any other postprocessing effects out of your game, F1 World Grand Prix will offer you at max graphical settings that, say, modern day medium graphics setting look. So, really, really good, plus it runs on a tenth of what these modern day games require. A similar game, to try alongside this one could easily be its immediate brother released a year after this one or Prost Grand Prix 1998, an older yet still very agile F1 racer.

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