Formula 1 Grand Prix

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A realistic racing game

It's racing simulation which models the formula one season of the 1991. However it's only the tag of the season as the circuits, the drivers and the stats are fictitious. This game has introduced some features which were not seen with other simulation of those times. The first thing in the game which marks its glory is the great controls which are realistic to the very core. Moving in and out of the corners and adjusting the speeds is prolificacy executed and the game is so intense that even a fraction of a second can make you win or lose the game. The map which has been incorporated on the screen gives you a bird's eye view of your location. The A1 is very tough as the other racers are always closing in on you and a wrong acceleration or brake at some corner will make you fall behind them. The physic dynamics of racing have been incorporated to perfection and there are a lot of racing tracks to race on. The graphics are also very diverse and colorful and every little detail and animations are smooth and lag free. This game will definitely excite you and is far better than the likes of Grand Prix Unlimited.

Ahead of its time F1 Racer

World Circuit Grand Prix was released in 1991 when most games still sported odd combinations of 3D with sprite works, a rather clunky combination. What this game does is take that very same approach, but somehow manage to squeeze more 3D in it and less sprite works, while developing a good enough physics engine to motivate you to play, even today after more than a decade. Sure, it won't match any modern true simulator game released in the late 2000s. But most retro players won't be looking for simulation heaven in such games. Instead they will look for a good enough game to justify exploring, and truth be told, after that exploration is done, you will still want to go for another race. And that's no easy feat to achieve, but World Circuit Grand Prix, in spite of its obvious limitations is fun. And that's because it captures something that is vital for any good racer: it convinces you that you could have taken that corner better, that you could have managed a better timing. Which World Circuit Grand Prix does really well. So, do indeed give this racer a try, especially if you love F1 racing games, old or new.

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