F1 Racing Championship

Racing 2000 Windows UBI Soft Formula one Car simulation

Modern, veritable F1 sim

F1 Racing Championship is the third title in the 3D racing simulation series from Ubisoft, and it was released in 2000. It is both interested in offering you a good idea of what the racing season of 99 was like, but also in offering you a veritable simulation of racing an F1 vehicle, with all that it entails. Thus, the physics that affect the way the vehicles move accurately describe supra and under steer, and also do a good job at offering you a feel for the mass of the vehicles that you race with. Graphically, F1 Racing Championship looks amazingly sharp, with great detail poured both in the vehicles, the tracks, as well as the Ai, which races the other traffic participants well enough, but not that well that they never get into trouble, into crashes or some other problems. You can play the game with various degrees of realism, and you can get a few assists to aid your breaking and steering, as well as gear shifting. However, if you have a steering wheel, you should play the game with the least of assists, and with vibration or force feedback on, for a really satisfying experience! Download also F1 Racing Simulation, a similarly well produced game dealing with F1 vehicles and racing.

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