Power f1

Racing 1997 Windows Eidos Formula one Car simulation

Great F1 racer with realistic graphics

Power F1 may not be a classic racer game as any of the NFS games of yore are, but nevertheless, for its niche it was a revelation when it was released. The game pits you as a Formula 1 pilot. Having been released in 1997, the cars look like modern day F1 cars, and the game takes a half way approach in modeling their behavior. Thus, you can expect relatively easy controls, as you can play with a keyboard quite easily, with or without assists on. However, the more assists you disable, the more challenging it becomes to control your car without proper handling of your speed, without using the right gear shift at the right time and so on. The game can also be customized in terms of how many laps you want a race to go, and you can choose between multiple modes of play, championship, single race and even multiplayer races. With a large host of tracks modeled after their real world equivalents, as well as the constructors and pilots of the era, you will both get a great F1 game experience as well as take a trip back in time to a golden age of modern F1 racing.

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