F1 World Championship Edition

Racing 1994 Dos Domark Formula one Car simulation

Perfect racing simulation

The game is more of an updated version of Vroom which has been a highly underrated game in the category of racing car simulation. This racing simulation game has a broader spectrum because it gives you much more variety and depth. There are about 16 distinct racing tracks which have their own dynamics, backgrounds and environment which gives every race a distinct look. The graphical interface the game has is very clear and all they animations in terms of the racing action and the transition in options are spectacular. The racings modes that are there in the game include a training mode, a racing mode and an arcade mode. The arcade mode is my favorite mode in the game because it depicts the arcade focus of the game very evidently. The fact that I love about this game is that you can go through almost all the turns of the tracks without having to push the brakes. For car tuning and refueling, you can go to the pit shops. The racing mode in the game is the longer one. The graphics that this game features are prolific and the controls are very responsive for an amazing gameplay. Indycar Racing is one of the other good racing games in this category.

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