Formula One 99

Racing 1999 Windows Psygnosis Formula one Car simulation

Start your engines!

No surprises for what you're getting yourself into with this one, but if you're in the mood for a bit if whizzy Formula 1 action, you can't go far wrong with this little gem. This one leans slightly more in the direction of arcade-style driving rather than simulation and makes for quite the entertaining little ride. It doesn't do anything particularly original and features everything you would expect from such a game but it does it all well which is where it scores its points. You have the usual array of tracks and drivers to choose from and which are based on the '99 season (not a great surprise, given the game's title). There are 16 tracks, all closely modeled on their real world counterparts, and which include the recently completed Malaysian track. You also have commentary by the legendary Murray Walker which really adds a lot of atmosphere to proceedings, while weather effects are nicely implemented and there are options for playing a full season or just going for a quick spin. If you are in the market for an arcade racer then this is a good bet. The visuals are as well detailed as you could hope for, with great effects and a thrilling sense of speed. The physics engine does render real-life tactics a mere fantasy but even without the full-on realism of F1 World Grand Prix, this is still exhilarating stuff. The lack of customisation options is a little disappointing, but when the driving is as fast and furious as it is here, this can be overlooked with relative ease.

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