Nigel Mansell World Championship

Racing 1992 Dos Dosbox Gremlin Interactive Formula one Driving

Great racing game

It is racing game which is though not a classic one but is still a good fun time pursuit. Starting with the theme, the theme is obviously to race and race and win money and fame. The racing action has been dispersed in 16 racing tracks that are present in 16 different countries and are much diversified in terms of the backgrounds and the graphics. The animations in the game are also fantastic because the curves and the motions are really swift and render you a great racing action. Similarly the gaming options are very diverse as you can customize the racing tracks, your cars and can also change the details of the weather conditions. You can either go for a standalone races or can take part in tours and campaigns. The controls in the game are not a piece of cake and you will be required to master them to really enjoy the fun of racing on competitive tracks. However the game lacks in being the true potential they would have achieved if they would have a given a lot a car options for racing and in terms of more tracks. But still it is a game which can be recommended. Grand Prix Circuit is another good racing game on the same theme.

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