Mario Andretti Racing Challenge

Racing 1991 Dos Distinctive Software Formula one Driving

Formula 1 and stock car racer with dated, 3D graphics

Mario Andretti was used as a hook to sell this game, but to not much avail. The product managed to be your average F! racer, in the shoddy looking 3D of the beginning of the 90s Therefore, this game did not manage to be in the cards as a classic, but it was not broken either. Graphically, we are talking about a limited color palette, on top of which the racing tracks are very blocky and the other racers do not look the part, especially if they are racing at considerable distance. The good part however, is that the game was not broken physics wise or controls wise. This means that if you make abstraction of the rather poor graphics you can be in for a very rewarding ride with this one. Sure, while it is years away from a game such as World Circuit Grand Prix, it nevertheless manages to be good enough to be worth a revisit. So, if you love racing no matter how good looking the game might be, or not Mario Andretti Racing Challenge sure can steal a few minutes/hours from you, and you will not be sorry you did so.

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