FA-18 Hornet 3.0

Simulation 1997 Windows Empire Interactive Flight

Advanced graphics combat flight sim

This game brings flight simulations of advanced 3rd generation jet propulsion aircrafts into play and does a very good job, especially on the graphical level. This is however a sim game, a serious sim game, as it takes into consideration the physics of propulsion, of aerodynamics and even the physics of projectiles. You will be able to man a host of different modern era planes, some jet planes designed for air to air combat, others meant to deploy bombs or to transport civilians or military personnel. The game will put you in a number of missions that will challenge you on multiple levels. In the dog fight levels you will have to make sure you don't get rear ended, and also, that you can keep the enemy in your sight for sufficient time to shoot him down. The game features advanced weapon systems, missiles that are heat guided but also weapons that will be guided by aiming precisely. Other missions will ask you to avoid detection and to try to take detailed pictures of areas. At any rate, with a good joystick this game can feel almost as good to play as a very modern simulations, and so you won't mind the less detailed textures of the ground or the more jaggedly graphics. An honest recommendation for all flight game enthusiasts with a good joystick.

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