Faery Tale Adventure

RPG 1987 Dos Dosbox MicroIllusions Isometric Fantasy

An adddictive fantasy game play

It is another conversion of an Amiga classic which is not as good as the original but is still a fine RPG game. The scenario is that there are three brothers who need to recover a magical Talisman to protect the village from the threatening evil. You will play as one of them and will counter different adventures in meeting your goal. The game-play is what makes this conversion really exciting as you get to ride the sea winds on a giant turtle. Similarly you have to san to explore different valleys. The graphics of the game are fairly average but it's the exciting and variety game play that makes this game sheer entertainment. You can use spells, heal your injuries, use cards and can even teleport between places. There is no time limit and you can opt for different sub quests which are also as exciting and full of different artifacts. The element of fantasy and the magical world has been presented in a beautiful manner which lasts well with the user. Microillusions the developer of this game made it even better in its sequel Faery Tale Adventure 2: Halls of the Dead.

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