Times of Lore

RPG 1988 Dos Dosbox ORIGIN Systems Isometric Fantasy

A simple RPG classic game

Light Ultima is the best word to define this pleasant RPG game. You can either choose to be a Barbarian or a Knight in the land Albareth where your goal is to search out the hidden and lost artifacts. The artifacts will enable the King Valwyn to come back into power. The game is quite similar to the Ultima series with its adventured styled interface. It is not a heavy one and is simple and addictive to cater the ones that are new to this genre of RPG games. The game-play here features real time action where you have to perform functions like talk, drop, use and equip etc. The graphics are very user friendly and the game guides you all along the adventure. The best thing here is that you have to make decisions in real time which is something that is liked by most of the gamers around the world. You can use the options in a varied manner to make things interesting but it still lacks the desired competitiveness. It is though too much simplified for those who are already into tough RPG games but such folks can try thrilling stuff like Tangled Tales.

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