Fanta Vision

Puzzle 1988 Dos Broderbund Design Tool

Simple and very easy to use animation suite

Here's how animators of yore had to do it: They would paint each frame of the animation by itself, by hand or, at times, they'd help themselves with the aid of reusing a background that was looping. (See the Flintstones and the driving through the city bits!) Well, the same ideas are taken to the digital canvas by this animation suite. You get to draw each frame, but, also, you can choose to clone bits and pieces of your previous frame, so at to cut the amount of work you need to pour into it. Thus, you'll learn the basics of animation, of cueing sound over an animation and so on. It's great for beginners, quite well fleshed out but still pretty simple to use and not too fancy, you know, like some shareware/online suite that bothers you with a thousand ads or other things like that. Sue enough, you're probably not going to end up winning animation awards with the work done in this application, but it's a start. Or, maybe, just a few minutes of fiddling about, seeing how the technology has advanced in the mean time! Anyway, see a game design bundle as well, if you're the retro creative type!

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