Strategy 2001 Windows 1C Company Fantasy Turn based

It competes successfully against other strategy games

Etherlords is a 2001 strategy game where the magic Lords (Chaos, Kinetics, Synthesis, and Vitality) are fighting in front of us, in their way to kill the White Lord. If you play this game you will immediately become interested into the story and gameplay. Firstly, I will say that Etherlords is a successful blending of two games named Heroes of Might and Magic and Magic: The Gathering. The action is set on a fantasy world, where you will be guided by a strategic map. You will control the heroes, and use special cards for activating spells and for gathering various creatures. The map contains some characters and there are also distributed buildings, mines, ruins, artefacts, and various resources on it. I mentioned before the magic cards with which you are able to cast spells. These cards are specific to each race. The spells are categorized in Primitive (available at the beginning of the game), Ordinary, Rare (more effective than the Ordinary ones) and Very Rare. Be aware of the fact that the spells are limited, and they can be activated depending on the player's skills and resources. The graphical and sound aspects will bring joy to everyone that will try Etherlords, a masterpiece that easily competes against other strategy games.

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