Paradise Heights

Adult 1994 Windows Foster Hentai Bishoujo

Nice manga pictures and situations

A japananese city, a young man of about 25 years old, Keigo Nakadai. Your uncle is off for holidays and needs someone to replace him at his job. You accept to make this favour and you will be suddenly brougth to Paradise Heights. This is nothing else than a normal city residences, flats where several people live in. Well, actually you will realize very soon it is not a normal one. Why? because it's populated by very gorgeous women only and you will be entertained (and their entertainment as well!). As you have understood this game is the typical hentai dating simulator. Just roam around meeting these girls and try interact with them to have a nice CG's hentai gallery to watch at (my preferred one is Ayako Ito, a college student...). As tipical of most of this games you won't have so many choices, just quite nice manga erotic pictures to look at. Yes, graphics are quite well defined considering the age of the game. As suggested many times, for an interactive dating game download and play True Love, instead.

Nice bishoujo

Paradise Heights is another date/simulation game, more interesting than several ones you can find on the adult section. It's the story of always: you're a young boy that is making a normal life and, suddenly everything changes. A lot of situations happens, spicy situations indeed. The gameplay is quite nice, and there have been a second episode I suggest you to play as well

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