Fight Man - Xiao Xiao 9

Arcade 2002 Windows Zhu Zhi Oriental

Arcade style kung-Fu action

It is a side scrolling game which involves kung-Fu stickman action in a very addictive manner. The stickmen enemies in the game will really give you a tough time and you have to beat them up using kicks, spin kicks and punches and make your way through. Like all side scrolling game with a typical theme as this one, you can keep a check on the health of our character with the health bar that is displayed on the screen. Similarly you can keep a check on the enemies ‘health through their health bar which is also displayed. You die when your health bar reaches zero and the game is over as soon as you consume all the chances. The game might sound to you quite ordinary but the action that it supports is very well tuned as the moves that your character makes in the form of kicks and punches are very thrilling. This is due the fact that the developer has incorporated a smooth gameplay with some really good graphics. The biggest flaw in the game is that it only involves one level which will be easily completed by veteran gamers. However it is pure fun for all kung-Fu lovers. If you think that it is not up to your standards, then try Azutama.

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