Chicken Fighter 2002

Action 2002 Windows Issa Beat em up

A championship of chicken fighter experts!

Chicken Fighter 2002 is a wacky fighter game that is based on chicken fighters. It's, if you will, the Mortal Kombat of the chicken world! Now, in spite of the wacky premise, you can be sure that Chicken Fighter 2002 has quite a meaty (sic!) set of fighter chickens, each one with a few signature moves, and all of them with nice, simple, basic moves. It's a cartoony game, overall, but the gameplay is not influenced negatively by it. Quite on the contrary, you will find Chicken Fighter 2002 to be quite well designed, given that it seems, at first, not to take itself too seriously! So, all things considered, Chicken Fighter 2002 is a fun, well done game, with some really cool chickens, some that are as evil as you'd imagine, some others that are fighters in the name of the collective good of the chicken world. So, all things considered, it's worth playing. Else, download Disney's Chicken Little, an amazingly well produced 3D action game, with a mighty chicken which you might know from the Disney classic animated series.

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