Pyro 2

Strategy 1990 Dos Michael O'brien Real time Top down

ASCII top down action adventure

Who said that ASCII games were boring? Well, while many of them might fall short of the mark, this one certainly doesn't; this one is as entertaining as any full 3D modern adventure/action title you might consider. In it you will play a pyromaniac, of all things! So, what you do is, you have to infiltrate the buildings that you've previously stocked full of explosives and set fire to them! How does that work? Well, it's like a stealth/evasion game, as you need to not draw attention to yourself. In spite of the ASCII building blocks, the game animates fire and movement and other such things beautifully, which means that you get a fascinating experience, very beautiful and very evocative. It's, to a point, and I'm not sure it is a deliberate thing, a game that tethers on the edge of games as art. Thus, Pyro 2 is a fascinating product, a game that really will offer you such a beautiful and well done experience. Try it, for sure, even if you have something against ASCII as a type of building block for adventure/puzzlers/action games, this one is different. It's as great as, for instance, Mega Lo Mania, produced in clean 3D graphics, and with a more strategic gameplay then Pyro 2, though.

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