Mega Lo Mania

Strategy 1991 Dos Dosbox Sensible Software God game or micromanagement Real time Top down

Famous Amiga RTS conversion!

Mega Lo Mania is a 1991 real-time strategy game, the action takes place on some islands (they may have different terrain). You will search for weapons and defense strategies, that are more efficient as you will place on your buildings those responsible for extra help. You will also unlock more weapons during game evolution. You will play against up to 3 computer opponents, beginning with a wooden fortress on your sector, then you can commence by setting a large number of people to start inventing stuff. Depending on the number of your people, the constructions or inventions will develop faster or slower. I guess there's no need to mention your main goal in this game, because it's the only one present in all RTS games: to lead your army to victory, using modern technologies, preparing your men with proper equipment to be the survivor of your world while annihilating your opponents. Play this game if you want a complex and good RTS!

You are God almighty

This is a fun and wacky strategy game that has obviously taken its inspiration from the great strategy game Populous - you are one of four gods and your job is to lead your tribe into war against neighboring islands, and to make you the sole ruler of all the lands in the world. The cute feature is that you and your tribe advance in time, so eventually simple weapons, sticks and stones will become nuclear weapons, jet planes and other today's warfare objects. The game starts off pretty simple, with you needing just to build weapons, but as time progresses, your needs get much more complex and you have to mine for resources and manage them very carefully. The game is basically strategy 101. Very funny and quirky, the game's characters are loose parodies of today's leaders and will definitely get you a few giggles. The game's graphics are as good as they can be in 1991, and the same goes for the game's audio system. This game is best for novices in the strategy genre, and everyone that is in the mood for a fun and light gaming afternoon.

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