Final Impact

Arcade 1998 Windows Brain Bug Vertical shooter

Fast and colorful vertical space shooter

The Final Impact series was first developed as standalone cabinet arcade fighting upwards scrolling, and, while the nod to the space subgenre was without a question right there, the game sure had its own unique take on that. Don't expect something 180 degrees different, though, the game still manages to be a combat filled deal, but for the most part it has its own uniqeart style, its own assortment of ships and a feel that is, again unique. The game is also much smoother due to the fact that it both plays faster and is more action oriented than most other 8 bit era vertical shooters. It does this by including more enemies per screen, and thus, while you may not be covering a lot of ground quick, you're nevertheless busy shooting, dodging , trying to evade close quartered situations, sort of always trying to play both action like and keeping things tactically sound for you. The number of weapons is quite high, especially for a game that is not a full blown close quartered vertical shooter, but, nevertheless, you won't have to go as deep into learning the way the enemies come at you. Not 8 bit, not 16 bit, offering a very unique visual experience, one that keeps you well invested in the game.

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