Adventure 1990 Dos Millennium Role playing

Top down, 45 degree type isometric RPG

I don't know how much the perfectly 45 degree isometric perspective does count as a cinematic perspective these days, but when this game was released this is how it was advertised! Enter a game that puts a whole world at your fingertips, and see what you can find out within it. The perspective, as I said, pays homage to the old arcader/action/RPG Ant Attack and this alone can be an incentive to play it, as these games tend to have something more exotic, more interesting and oldschool about them, but I'd argue that Outlands it's not one of the best ones out there. I mean, I love Cadaver and it's sequel for exactly this reason, the perspective and the art style, and while Outlands is not nearly as good looking or as detailed, it's still an okay game. Anyway, you'll get the same old savior of the world story and go on your quest based RPG journey, try to find better tools of the trade (you can fight as a sword wielder or be a mage or go about as a regular arrow shooter!) and that's about it. Anyway, for those that loved ZX Spectrum adventures in the vein of Knight Lore, this is a hint more advanced than that. Give it a try if you find any of these attributes interesting.

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