Last Action Hero

Action 1992 Dos Dosbox Psygnosis Driving Top down

Neither the last, nor the first, just well in between...

As far as top down action games go, I've played a whole lot from the early days. Thus, I can say that this top down action game is alright, it has the staples of action, a hero that goes about shooting and looking for ammo as well as health packs, the enemies that most of the times are the only way to tell where to head next and so on and so forth. Graphically, it's as I said, pretty bland just as well. The addition of the driving stages, while indeed, adds a bit to the recipe and kind of breaks the action on foot portions apart, is by no means interesting. The vehicles don't have weight, they feel like they are just gliding amorphously around. Okay, I get that too, it's not a driving game. But even the early Grand Theft Auto games had more balance with the action and the driving, so even if I wanted, I can't really excuse this one. So, yes, stick to your GTA of choice, this game does little to satiate any lover of action, no matter how understanding or unconcerned with graphics or overall quality of the elements of gameplay.

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