Microsoft Flight Simulator for Windows 95

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Realistic flight simulation

It is great flight simulation which has served as wonderful installment to the series with a good variety of new and improved features. There is not much in terms of the plot of the game but the game has been prolific with its gameplay. Starting off with the flight dynamics, all the plane controls in the game are well executed and have their varied usage in the game. They have given two new planes in this one and both have their own dynamics and features which were well designed. Similarly the virtual pilot instructions is also a new feature in the game which has added further to the gameplay and the diversity of the game. For training and for getting a grip on the flight dynamics, there is a multimedia flight school which allows you to get a grip over things and is really good. You also have photo realistic satellite imaging which makes the gameplay very realistic and binds the interest of the gamers. There are many other planes in the game as well and all have their distinct traits. In terms of the graphics, the game is a lot better than many flight simulators of its time and the UI is also very good. The whole series has been great for me and especially the Microsoft Flight Simulator 2002.

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