Night mission pinball 3.0

Simulation 1988 Dos subLOGIC Pinball

2D pinball... in the dark!

Night mission pinball 3.0 is a simple collection of pinball tables whose main common denominator is the darkness of night! Yep, the tables, whether they are war tinged, aeronautical in feel or have some other personal feel, are all set during the night. For instance there is this plane mission type of board that is all about planes and dog fights and so on, but it takes place at night. The boar's background is black, and the other colors on it are kind of neon looking, which creates this beautiful look and feel. Controls wise, the game is well balanced, and you have no issues getting the flippers to activate at the exact moment you desire. This lack of delay is a God send, given how many of these kinds of oldies used to have control lag. Also, even if 2D, and the kind of 2D that doesn't try to create a sense of depth, Night mission pinball 3.0 looks alright, and it offers you enough material to keep you going for long hours. So, when you want classic pinball, with a cool 2D art direction, that takes cues from the darkness of the night, then Night mission pinball 3.0 can sure cut it! Else, download Tristan Pinball, which is like the antithesis of Night mission pinball 3.0, as it plays in colorful white tinged, daylight heavy boards.

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