Silly Master Blaster

Simulation 1987 Dos Pinball

Standard 80s pinball

Bearing no relation to the classic shooter Master Blaster, the rather bizarrely titled Silly Master Blaster is in fact a pinball game, albeit a very basic one which offers little in the way of interest except to hardcore genre fans. It bears more than a passing resemblance to the Pinball Construction Set and offers a pretty simple setup that, while decent enough, is certainly not going to convert any non-fans into devotees. There's nothing really wrong with the game and if you are attuned to the peculiar subtle attractions of pinball, then this might prove diverting for a short while, perhaps on a wet Sunday afternoon. The table on offer here is fairly standard, perhaps rather impressive back in 1985 but distinctly lacking in the visual flash of Silverball or Pinball Dreams and having more in common with Star Chamber or Night Mission Pinball. There's the usual array of flippers, bumpers and other random things associated with the genre and while the physics is all perfectly well implemented, unless you are a fan, you're likely to be simply left wondering what the point of it all is. Pinball is only really ever about the pursuit of high scores so if you like Pacman or Space Invaders there may be some interest here, for it offers the same kind of simple, visceral thrills. The graphics are ordinary enough, rendered in those lovely magentas and blues of the time which may cause eye strain in those unaccustomed to such things but really, but with pinball the table's the thing and unfortunately in this case, it's less than memorable, making this less than a must play.

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