Forbes Corporate Warrior

Action 1997 Windows Simon & Schuster Interactive Shooter

Bizarre but awful fusion of business sim and FPS

This has to be one of the most bizarre concepts ever designed, fusing as it does the first-person shooter genre with the business world. Unfortunately however, the result is one of the most pointless and frustratingly obscure games ever released and is best avoided unless you really enjoy bad games. The concept is intriguing, if barking mad, and sees players entering a Matrix-style universe where corporations fight it out for supremacy in a computer simulation. As a wannabe entrepreneur, you must battle your way to the top of the capitalist heap by destroying your rivals according to the rules of business. The game abandons traditional shooter conventions and uses business terminology to describe its weapons, with Price Slicer missiles, Ad Blasters and Takeover Torpedoes replacing machine guns and pistols. Shooting isn't action-based though and supposedly requires strategy, requiring cunning use of appropriate weapons to steal your rivals' customers. However, this isn't really the case and which proves the game's major failing point. There simply isn't anything to the core gameplay, with no variation in your enemies and which require you to simply move next to them, attack and adjust a few sliders before moving on to the next, exact same rival. There's no skill or tactics involved and this soon gets boring. Visually, the game also scores badly with some very basic, ugly environments that are lacking in textures or detail, enemies that are nothing more than geometric shapes and with animation that is particularly poor. If you want a business sim, check out Port Royale or A-Train, or if you're looking for an FPS, stick with Doom or Half-Life, but whatever you do, steer well clear of this disaster.

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