Ford Simulator 5

Racing 1994 Dos Dosbox Ford Motor Company Car simulation Arcade style City race

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Dated but playable racer

It's hard to find any good reason to try this game other than the fact that it sports a diverse range of Ford vehicles. However, when it comes to the actual game, the way you play, this surface layer shows its rather limited impetus on the game. When it comes to the actual interaction, most cars feel the same, with little variation, other than their look. There isn't much in the way of physics dictating how the vehicles react. The game has a simple set of rules that accompany each vehicle moving on any given track, that are rather mechanist and arbitrary and not at all too engaging as to the feel of the game. The graphics also don't make too good of a job at conveying the feel of speed or of control within the game, but nevertheless, they are ok, though rather simple and a bit too dated, even for 1994. So, unless you love to see Ford cars, as they evolved, because the game, as I mentioned, doesn't convey their road and handling feel, you might want to give this a try. Otherwise, you're better off without this game, as it makes so little sense to waste your time within it.

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